In the early days of LED grow lighting, there were marketers out there who espoused the positives of the technology and offered it at an appealing price point. A number of growers tried these cheap LED grow lights, only come away discouraged by the results. This was due to the fact that the lighting that […]

You are undoubtedly aware that all the phases of the cannabis plant require substantial amounts of light. Regardless of your experience in growing cannabis, you as well know that across every stage in the there is the functional spectrum needful for triggering optimal growth and proper yields in the long run. Thankfully, the evolution of […]

Probably you are on the verge of devising means on how you can grow cannabis indoors. You may as well be an established outdoor grower but would like to shift ways and try the indoor settings… You can undoubtedly nod that a plentitude of merits surrounds the cultivation of cannabis indoors. However, not every grower […]

  Currently, Grow lights are completely revolutionizing how we grow our plants. It is enabling professionals as well as amateurs or enthusiasts to achieve optimal efficiency with little or no effort. Some of the main advantages of these LED grow lights include; Durability It has an adjustable wavelength It is energy efficient Compactness It is […]